We Deal in
Metal Scrap
We Buy ⇌ We Sell
Our Motto All Wastes
In Order to Provide
Clean and Green Environment
Convert into Resources
& Enhancing Quality of Life
A Leading Supplier of Plastic Scrap
→ Including High Performance Engineering Plastics
→ Good quality at competitive market price rate.

We are located in chonburi, Thailand and company was founded in July 2008
by Ms. Chutamas Suwanreungsri. We supply all type of plastic
metal & silicon raw material scrap e.g. poly chunk, wafers, Solar cell
in broken and whole shape for recycle or direct use in manufacturing process.of Silicon Ingot.


"Environment Protection Our Responsibility"

We Help to Protect & Clean Environment

Collect, Segregate & Ship to Our
Clients in Safe Way.

The human race has transformed and is continuing to transform
the earth drastically in his pursuit of development. Man
in his search out for comfort and luxury, has explored and
destroyed the equilibrium of the nature and ecosystem.

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Our Company Policy

Customer Satisfaction is Our Utmost Priority, We Work Hard to Ensure That You are Getting Best Quality Recycle Materials at Competitive Market Price.

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About Us

Pandey company Ltd™, a recycle waste company in Thailand, to have been recycling plastics for over 4 years, our name is driven by the evolving needs of our worldwide customers who rely on us.

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Other Products

We also supply Silicon metal scrap, Silicon wafers, Broken Solar cell mix, Poly and Mono both types, Top and Tails, Poly Ingots, IC grade Chunk, Solar cell and Solar Panels from Thailand Supplier.

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tab-iconOur vision is to become a leading plastic recycle company in Thailand, and provide manufacturing technology expertise who research in sorting, reprocessing and recycling of all plastic scrap materials. For latest Inquiry, You can call us at 66-38-146-203, SMS 66-825-206-351, Our experienced staff will be at your disposal to assist you. You may know tons of plastic recycling company but we are proud to inform you that here you will feel safe and enjoy a friendly atmosphere. We protect our customer interest and payment, we are experienced in the art of bargaining with other plastic recycling company to provide our customers a competitive market price.

This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness. -Dalai Lama

tab-iconwe are here to answer your questions 6 days / week.We at Pandey company Ltd have a wide range of recycle plastic scrap, if you have any questions about our products or need more information, please contact us by filling the forms, we work to build long term business relationship with our customers based on trust, reliability and efficient deliveries. If we’re offline then leave us a message with detail information, our sales department will contact you soon.

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Welcome to Pandey Company Ltd

Plastic Recycle company in Thailand

We are a well known plastic recycle company and exporter of wide range of plastic scrap and metal commodities. We are one of the leading supplier of  high quality engineering plastic scrap i.e. ABS from computer body, PCCD DVD post industrial grade, Poly-carbonates  natural scrap, PC water bottle  at reliable price with best quality that is not so easy to find with other plastic recycle company. Over the years we’ve built a good market of our recycling products. We’ve grown up and now have over five top world ranking buyer in the Thailand alone who are  satisfied with our product quality and constant quality. Although we have well satisfied buyer in the Thailand, we ship our recycle products in South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, India and China. Our main intention with our precious customers are not only to sell them plastic scrap but we believe to develop a long lasting business relation based on trust, reliability and the job given by the customers should be always completed on time and to their satisfaction. As a committed plastic recycle company in Thailand, we focus to provide consistent and high quality plastic scrap for recycle use. For the benefit of our clients, We do trading and wholesaling a quality range of plastic  scrap, and  not only listed as a plastic recycle company in Thailand, we also well experienced in a field of metal scrap.  We trade in metal commodities e.g. HMS 1 and 2 , steel can etc.